Apa Itu Maska Club?

Participation is the new sexy. Maska Club is a community for those who wants to get involved in Maska story. It’s a way for you to engage actively with Maska in ways beyond our products and connect with our movement.

Maska Experience

It’s a gang for those who wander, for those who appreciate life and its craziness, and for those who love Maska as much as a kid loves the bunny.


No cheesy speech, nor red roses. Rather a promise to let you be the first to know, or even better, to try out whenever something new comes. Whether it’ll be new line or superb discount surprise, you’ll definitely be our Day One. So, will you go on a date with Maska..?

Maska Stars

Maska Stars is a loyalty program to reward Maska’s most loyal Darling. This allow you to earn reward Stars every time you make a purchase via our website. Maska Stars can then be used to redeem for discounts on various Maska products.